How to develop innovative health services?


Given the aging of population and the raise of healthcare costs in society, there is a strong need for effective healthcare innovations. However, there is a lack of knowledgde in how to effectively develop and deploy ict-mediated healthcare services.
In this tutorial therefore, concepts, tools, building blocks and methodologies will be discussed to develop new health service models.
Special attention is devoted to the effective involvement of users and user-based techniques. A vast amount of research shows that end-user involvement is crucial for adoption of telemedicine services. For IREHI, the tutorial will separate concepts from contexts, yet cover a wide amount of examples of innovative healthcare services from research, education and industry. Among others, we will discuss cases related to smart coaching, physical activity self management, health record utilisation and telepresence. In an interactive part, participants will obtain insight into utilising the discussed methodologies.


dr. ir. J.W.J.R. (Jan-Willem) van ’t Klooster
BMS Lab manager research support  | Tech4People, BMS –
University of Twente | Enschede, The Netherlands
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Dr. Ir. Jan-Willem van ‘t Klooster has worked for over a decade in ICT related service development, both in industry and academia. He obtained his PhD in health informatics from the University of Twente, The Netherlands, in 2013. After that he worked as a product owner at Nedap, a large electronic healthcare corporation, and as project manager for developing health-related self management services at Roessingh Research and Development, the largest telemedicine and rehabilitation institute in The Netherlands. He teaches computer science topics and is involved in nationwide ICT curriculum design. Currently, he is managing director of the faculty technology lab for the social sciences faculty at the University of Twente.